Thursday, April 7, 2011

Your Account Privacy is Our Top Priority

You may have heard over the last few days about a security breach at Epsilon, an email provider for many large companies, including several banks.  Please be assured that Epsilon is not a First City vendor, and your information has not been compromised in any way. You should also know that according to Epsilon, the breach did not compromise personal or account information.

Your privacy, and the integrity of your accounts, is a top priority to us, and we do everything we can to ensure that our suppliers and vendors maintain the highest standards of security and privacy.  This includes, among others, Intuit Financial Services (formerly Digital Insight), our online banking provider; Business Data Inc., our statement processor; and Documatix, our email provider.  Information about these companies, and their safeguards and security measures, are available online on their respective web sites.  In addition, you will find First City’s state and federal Privacy Notices by clicking here.

At the same time, it is essential that you do everything you can to protect yourself against fraud.  Here are a few very important reminders:

  • Never respond to emails, phone calls, text messages, or any other solicitation that ask for your personal information (i.e. account numbers, social security number, drivers license number, etc.) if you have not initiated the solicitation.  The messages may look or sound very professional and realistic, but please keep in mind that no reputable company, including First City, would request personal information by an unsolicited email, text, or phone call.
  • Never click on a link within an email if you are not familiar with the sender. 
  • Keep your account numbers, Personal Identification Numbers, and passwords private.  Change your passwords regularly.  Do not share this information with others, and do not write them down for others to find.
  • Protect your credit, debit, and ATM cards like cash.  Report stolen or lost cards immediately to the issuing financial institution.
  • When using your debit card, we recommend that you use it as a “credit” (signature-based) transaction, rather than a “debit” (PIN based).  This way, your PIN will not be compromised, and you are limited in your credit-based liability.  Your PIN should only be used when you want to receive cash back with your purchase, or at some merchants (notably Costco and ARCO), that do not accept “credit” transactions.

If you suspect that you are a victim of fraud involving your First City accounts, or if you have received a suspicious communication in the guise of First City’s name, please call (800) 944-2200, ext. 0, or email  For more information about protecting yourself from fraud, please visit the Federal Trade Commission site at

PS:  You should also know that First City does not share your email with outside marketing agencies.  Your email address is only used as a way for us communicate credit union updates, alerts (such as this one), and promotions to you, our valued members.  If you prefer not to receive emails from us, you can click on the “opt-out” link at the bottom of our email.